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Computers 4 Africa opens the door to IT education for millions of children. IT has revolutionised schools globally with unequalled access to information, interactive teaching and key work skills. A single recycled PC or recycled laptop can impact 24 children’s lives during its first year, offering new hope to break out of the poverty cycle.

Your old working IT kit can make this difference. Whether you are upgrading your home computer or you are looking at an IT refresh for 10,000 machines we can help, by providing an ethical and economical solution to IT disposal.

Computers 4 Africa promotes reuse and repurposing before recycling; by accepting working redundant IT which is refurbished and data-wiped ( before being shipped out.This is greener for the environment and produces better quality equipment with a longer service life.

We are helping Africa “one-child-at-a-time” and we do it with “one-computer-at-a-time”….. that’s why your one computer can change someone’s world.



Live Impacted By Computer Donations
See How Computer Donations Can Help People In AFrica
See How Computer Donations Can Help People In AFrica

Computers for Africa is the working name of
Digital Pipeline

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Computers 4 Africa is a Working Name of Digital Pipeline a registered charity in England and Wales 1118674
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