E- Waste Handling

All organisations that process e-waste must hold relevant permits or be registered as a WEEE refurbisher exemption. These are issued and monitored by the Environment Agency in England and Wales (for more information on requirements please check out their website). In Scotland this is carried out by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA).

Registered producers of Hazardous Waste

Reg Number: ODR619.

ID: HazWasteReg- 1583003   

Registered Carrier of Controlled Waste – PCD/CBDL11078

Registered Environmental S2 exemption ( storing waste in a secure place)

Ref. No. EPR/WF0603MH/A001 (valid until 15/01/2018)

Registered Environmental Permit T11 (to carry out repair or refurbishment of WEEE)  –

NCC/060396/2015 valid until 10/01/2018

Data Protection; registration number- Z3321434 

Steps to Environmental Management Certificate, Blue and Silver Level.

Certificate Number- 1001345