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In January 2011 Computers 4 Africa started merging with Digital Pipeline. The organisations recognised a joint purpose and pooled resources and efforts to bridge the digital divide internationally. The restructured and enlarged organisation will be known as Digital Pipeline and retains Computers 4 Africa as a working name for working in Africa.

The synergies delivered by this merger build on Digital Pipeline’s successful track record of working with large scale corporate clients having provided over 30,000 PCs to schools in thirteen African countries. Digital Pipeline has supported a pilar project in Kenya for end of life recycling. Microsoft is the founding member of Digital Pipeline and their General Manager of the Education Industry Group, Mark East, now serves as President of Digital Pipeline. Mark East commented that;“Microsoft has supported the development of Digital Pipeline from its early beginnings in 2004. Since then, Digital Pipeline has evolved into a leading technology charity that is helping hundreds of thousands of African students to improve their educations and lifetime opportunities by providing their schools with PCs and software that they couldn’t otherwise afford. This represents an exciting next step in Digital Pipeline’s growth that will enable it to reach out to and transform the future lives of an even greater number of disadvantaged people in Africa and other parts of the world."

Computers 4 Africa brings to Digital Pipeline an in-house PC refurbishment capability and a track record of successful in-country deployment. Digital Pipeline will continue with the working name of Computers 4 Africa in activities with the general public and within schools where it has a strong brand. Chair of Trustees for C4A, Aseri Katanga said; “We completely welcome this merger. The resulting organisation makes best use of our collective strengths & capabilities as we pursue our mutually shared objective that ultimately everyone will know the difference between a mouse and a mouse”

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