What does Computers 4 Africa do?

We collect donated computers, which are then data wiped, refurbished and sent to schools, libraries and other community projects across Africa to help bridge the digital divide.

Why don’t you take IT that is older than 8 years?  

We have found that our minimum specifications allow us to send computers with a good service life to Africa.

How do I donate my computer?

There are appeal sites all over the UK.  Please look on our 'Donate Equipment' and 'Find an appeal near you' pages to see the one nearest location, you will also be able to see any other options.

For 10 or more donations you can telephone the office to arrange collection.

Alternatively you can organise a courier service to deliver your donations to our offices. On our website, we have a link to a courier service should you wish to use them:  http://www.p4d.co.uk/ – the cost is from £9.99 (plus VAT) (check 05/2015).

Do you put software on the computers?

Yes, we do put software on all the computers that we send which are tailored to the user’s needs.

How many countries has your charity worked in and how many computers have you donated?

Computers 4 Africa is currently working into over 23 countries across Africa. There have been over 55,000 computers that have been shipped.

Why do you send computers to Africa when there are children in need here?

The focus of this charity is into Africa, especially trying to bridge the digital divide. However as Digital Pipeline we are able to supply equipment worldwide.

Can anyone apply for computers?

Anyone can apply through our website, however Computers 4 Africa mainly works with schools, Non-Government Organisations and health organisations.