Give A Teacher

Give A Teacher

Finding an IT professional who is able to teach – in a place where there have been no computers – is difficult. Your donation will be used to provide a scholarship for a student teacher to be trained in IT. The teacher will then be able to teach at one of the schools we donate computers to. The qualification also includes IT maintenance, enabling the teachers to keep the donated equipment running even longer.

As a sponsor of a teacher you will receive photos, information about the person you are sponsoring and regular updates of the student teacher’s progress.

You will receive an update, including photos of your gift in action.

3 Months Training £206.25

£ 206.25
Personal Info

Donation Total: £206.25

6 Months Training £412.50

£ 412.50
Personal Info

Donation Total: £412.50

Full Years Training £825.00

£ 825.00
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Donation Total: £825.00