31/05/2016 With Transcent IT - you can help make ideas a reality
07/07/2015 Making a difference in Bristol
12/06/2015 St.Simon Stock student 'experiences' charity work.
02/06/2015 Global Company, Kimberly-Clark Joins Environmental Charity Of The Year
07/05/2015 Kent Environmental Charity Moves Into Senegal
27/04/2015 Family Fun Day
24/03/2015 My Golden Ticket Moment
13/03/2015 Computer 4 Africa and Tanzanian President are in agreement!
23/02/2015 P4D fundraising for Computers 4 Africa
23/02/2015 Two Charities & The Post Office
05/01/2015 TVS to provide support for African Schools
08/12/2014 Closing The Gap
28/10/2014 Lions vs Elephants (St Peters School visit to Computers 4 Africa)
10/07/2014 Renewable Energy, Reused Computers and Revitalised Education
10/07/2014 A Promising Partnership with Colchester Academy
29/08/2012 Computers for Choma Schools
23/04/2014 Mission Accomplished!
21/03/2014 A Visit From the Mayor of Tonbridge and Malling.
08/11/2013 South West Grid help residents donate to Computers 4 Africa
03/10/2013 We've been featured in the News Shopper!
01/10/2013 Donated Laptops Lead to University Degrees
13/09/2013 Tile Giant donates IT
30/08/2013 Working alongside the Falkirk Community
27/08/2013 Computers 4 Africa spends the summer in Inverness
15/08/2013 Africa is Not a Digital Dumping Ground
15/08/2013 Forced Marriage and Girls’ Education?
15/08/2013 Computers 4 Africa have donated a laptop to Rosa Ankama in Namibia!
10/07/2013 St. Botolphs Church Donation
08/07/2013 Douglas Englebart (January 1925 - July 2013)
21/06/2013 Digital Pipeline in the Microsoft Communique
03/05/2013 A Few Laptops Create Huge Excitement
26/04/2013 Career Opportunity at Computers 4 Africa
05/04/2013 Why Social Media Works!
03/04/2013 Westlands School, Kent Helps Education Project
27/03/2013 In The News - Albinism
18/02/2013 Coincidental Valentines Surprise!
18/01/2013 Derby Donation Appeal
16/01/2013 Thank You Rajapack
11/01/2013 Microsoft makes a ‘dream’ come true for Computers 4 Africa
17/12/2012 Paulton Appeal Date Cancelled
14/12/2012 The winner of the Christmas Card Competition 2012 is...
11/12/2012 African Village Football Competition
23/11/2012 Christmas Card Competition - Runners Up
13/11/2012 Visit Kent Help To Bridge The Digital Divide
06/11/2012 Christmas Card Competition
25/10/2012 HP Technology & Computers 4 Africa
25/10/2012 Congratulations & Celebrations!
29/08/2012 Aseri meets Mrs Sarah Brown
29/08/2012 New Minimum Specification
29/08/2012 We have a new van!
29/08/2012 Links with African Schools
29/08/2012 Aseri's Trip to Tanzania, Nov - Dec 08
29/08/2012 Happiness and Appreciation - Words of Gratitude From a Rugambwa School Girl
29/08/2012 Aseri Katanga's trip to Tanzania
29/08/2012 Autumn 2006 Tanzania
29/08/2012 Autumn 2006 Tanzania
29/08/2012 Diana's Trip
29/08/2012 Chillin’ and Strawberry Pickin’ - A charity that plays together works well together!
29/08/2012 Bon Voyage Vanessa
29/08/2012 A Maidstone infant school makes a big difference
29/08/2012 A license to give. The names BOND...
29/08/2012 TCA supports computers for Africa charity
29/08/2012 Pupil power sends more computers to Africa
29/08/2012 Vector Resourcing donate to Computers 4 Africa
29/08/2012 Computers 4 Africa on the BIG screen in Scotland
29/08/2012 Derby City Council leads the way
29/08/2012 100’s of computers are sent from UK schools!
29/08/2012 C4A at the Accessible Retail Conference
29/08/2012 Massive Success in Bishop Auckland
29/08/2012 The media team hits the NEC Birmingham
29/08/2012 Worth more than a cow - Hope for educated women in Tanzania
29/08/2012 Smiley Faces all round
29/08/2012 Lloyds partners with C4A to help African Schools
29/08/2012 PR team ‘hits’ London
29/08/2012 Medway School of Pharmacy gives another kind of Medicine
29/08/2012 Timberland Helps to Change Education in South Africa
29/08/2012 New CEO Appointed
29/08/2012 Diminishing the digital divide. ThirdForce helps to lift African communities out of poverty
29/08/2012 Courier as cheap as recycling...
29/08/2012 Success Story: Buea, Cameroon
29/08/2012 Tanzania Library Services
29/08/2012 Eco-friendly and cost effective alternative to chopping up old machines
29/08/2012 Africa’s World Cup
29/08/2012 World Cup Profile - South Africa
29/08/2012 New Phone Number
29/08/2012 Zoom Polytechnic College
29/08/2012 Strawberry Picking at Stonepitts Farm
29/08/2012 New IT classroom for Rugambwa Secondary School
29/08/2012 My Work Experience with Computers 4 Africa – by Tariq Moore
29/08/2012 Lloyds pharmacy educates new generation of teachers
29/08/2012 ForLinux are for Computers 4 Africa
29/08/2012 High-speed Internet cable to link Europe, western Africa
29/08/2012 Watch this space
29/08/2012 Oh Cameroon...
29/08/2012 Trip to Uganda
29/08/2012 Easy Fundraising
29/08/2012 CIPD Annual Conference & Exhibition
29/08/2012 Maidstone Schools Christmas Card Winner 2010
29/08/2012 Computers 4 Africa in Allington Primary
29/08/2012 Environment Agency “Impressed”
29/08/2012 What a local community can achieve!
29/08/2012 Comic Relief 2011
29/08/2012 The Ecological Time Bomb
29/08/2012 New beginnings - Priory Park
29/08/2012 Donation made easier
29/08/2012 Donation made easier
29/08/2012 Single laptop makes big difference
29/08/2012 CSG donates 100 PC's
29/08/2012 Easy Computers Donate
29/08/2012 Work Experience at Computers 4 Africa
29/08/2012 Booth Ainsworth LLP donate computers
29/08/2012 Bennett Griffin Donate
29/08/2012 Computers for Ghana schools
29/08/2012 Computers 4 Africa Christmas Card Competition Winner Announced
29/08/2012 Lifelites Donate Pre-Loved Computers to Africa Cause
29/08/2012 Mission Impossible?!
29/08/2012 An African Clinic and a Laptop
29/08/2012 BETT competition winner
29/08/2012 Single laptop makes big difference
14/08/2012 Booth Ainsworth LLP Donate Computers
14/08/2012 Work Experience At Computers 4 Africa
14/08/2012 Easy Computers Donate
14/08/2012 CSG Donated Over 1000 Computers


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