Global Company, Kimberly-Clark Joins Environmental Charity Of The Year


Global Company, Kimberly-Clark Joins Environmental Charity Of The Year

One of the world’s leading global companies, Kimberly-Clark has partnered with Kent’s Environmental Charity of the Year - Computers 4 Africa. 

Being an organisation with over 140 years’ service under its belt Kimberly-Clark puts customers first whilst maintaining its their core values - good quality, service and fairness; it  looks to “Lead(ing) the world in essentials for a better life” and this partnership  brings a new dimension and adds real value.

Kimberly-Clark has seen first-hand that by donating its redundant working equipment an alternative solution to its IT disposal has been found. In addition to making a positive impact on their corporate social responsibility target, it has peace of mind as the WEEE Directive, common compliance and secure data destruction is met and completed by Computers 4 Africa.

Kimberly-Clark’s relationship with Computers 4 Africa is life changing for thousands of students across Africa; giving real opportunities for increased career options with   high-earning potential. Sharon Roberts (Computers 4 Africa)

Having already collected over 673 pieces of technical equipment, including PC’s, laptops and monitors in addition to peripheral items, Computers 4 Africa has been enabled to provide projects, charities and educational establishments with PC’s and laptops in both Kenya and Tanzania. During the first year up to 12,928 students will be able to access IT because of this donation and education will continue to turn mirrors into windows as students have increased education and career choices.

Kimberly- Clark has pledged to support Computers 4 Africa; together looking forward they will continue to make a difference.

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