St.Simon Stock student 'experiences' charity work.


St.Simon Stock student 'experiences' charity work.

Meet Daniel Herlihy. He is here for a week of work experience from St.Simon Stock School.

We took a minute to catch up and find out a bit more about him and how his week has been.

At Computers 4 Africa I have been…  

Data wiping with Blancco, preparing kit for recycling, working in packaging & storage and cleaning.

If I could do anything at all, my dream job would be…

A Formula 1 racing driver! My favourite driver at the moment is Lewis Hamilton.

In my spare time, I’m most likely to be found…

Volunteering as a marshal at Brands Hatch

One thing I’ll miss most about volunteering here is…

The relaxed atmosphere! I like that everyone gets along well.

After the week, my next step is…

Back to sixth form ready to start my A2 courses. It’s been nice to have a break from school but I’m looking forward to seeing my friends again!

My favourite thing to do in my time off is…

I love being at Brands Hatch but I also enjoy listening to music!

At the moment I’m listening to…

I like a really wide variety of music. I listen to the radio a lot and I’m listening to a bit of Rock at the moment.

From my week here I have learned…

The value of teamwork and communication (as corny as it sounds!). Also it’s important to admit when you get something wrong. I’ve learnt about what it’s like to be in a warehouse environment too.

The most surprising thing about working at Computers 4 Africa…

Is the huge variety of jobs involved!

Daniel’s comments about his placement

“I’m glad I chose to work here this week. I think it’s been good for me as it’s relevant to my A-Level courses and the experience will help with potential career opportunities.”


Thanks for joining our team for the week, Daniel. It’s been great having you! We wish you the best of luck!  :) 


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