ICT: A theoretical or practical subject?


ICT: A theoretical or practical subject?


I.T became a compulsory subject on the curriculum for schools in Ghana. The problem with this is many schools could not afford to provide the technology, and as a result attempted to teach I.T as a theoretical subject.

In October 2009, Computers 4 Africa was able to provide 200 PC’s, to be divided between 10 different schools across the eastern region of Ghana. This was made possible through a charity called SEPIA (Supporting Educating Projects in Africa), a charity which aims to improve the lives of people in Africa through educational projects.

Each school was provided with 10 computers, which included 1 high spec computer for the classroom teacher. We also provided 16 laptops to teachers at New Tafo Methodist Junior High School, which will be used to further their professional development and IT education. Asafo Presbyterian Junior High School set the computers up in the community library this means that other local schools can also benefit from computer access. Other schools are initially using them to train all the schools staff in basic computer skills before they use them to teach their children.

We are delighted to have been part of this project. These computers will provide opportunities for children to learn key skills for their future, for adults to increase their employment opportunities, and for teachers to acquire the ability to teach their pupils a skill which will change their futures. What a privilege!

“For our children these computers will make such a difference; not only in lesson but also when the go out to work. Computer skills are in great demand in Ghana and this will mean that our children will be able to compete for jobs they could only have dreamed of before. It will help them and their families and we all want to say a huge thank you to SEPIA and Computers 4 Africa” – Mr Ebenezer Amoh, New Tafo Methodist Junior High School.

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